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From small beginnings, to total World Domination!

Alright, we're just kidding about the whole 'total World Domination' bit (or are we?...). Lo Poly World is a product by dhp11, a group of four software developers operating out of Barlow, England. Enough about us, though (although if you really want to know what kind of nutter makes a 3d model of the whole planet, feel free to read our company's About Us page)! You're here for Lo Poly World, and what better way to tell you about it, than to show you!

I will tell you a little bit, though.

The idea behind Lo Poly World was born out of our work on Oasis 3D, a 3D, fully-traversable, intuitive telecoms Site Designer (don't worry if those words don't make sense - I've been working on it since 2018 and I still can't describe it to my family). Part of the benefit of using Oasis 3D is its life-accurate ENU terrain model - as you gaze off into the distance, you'll see the world begin to curve away from you, as it would in real life. This effect is really very important in telecoms, as multiple sites can communicate with each other across significant distances, and the curvature of the Earth often has to be accounted for!

Anyway - the important takeaway is that we have an accurate 3D model of the whole planet, and we want to share it with you!

My Little Lo Poly World

I'm being fully serious - we have a 3D model (well, thousands of 3D models, technically) of the entire planet! Anywhere in the world, at the tips of your fingers. Above, you can see a few images showcasing the style of our terrain - as you'd expect, we're leaning towards low-poly.

What do you get from Lo Poly World, I hear you ask? Well, whatever you want, really. More specifically, wherever you want. Lo Poly World is built up of thousands and thousands of Tiles, so just pick however many you want, wherever you want, and you're away!

Once you have the models for your chosen locations, you can either import them into UE4/UE5, and use them alongside our LPW plugin to create your own Lo Poly Planet, or import them into your 3D modelling application of choice, ie. Blender, and use them for whatever you want! We only ask that you don't try and pass off our own models as something you've created, or resell them.

Use them for blockouts for your own early-development projects, or build up high-res models using ours as a template - go wild! We'll see you out there.


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