Anywhere on planet Earth, all on your own PC.

A life accurate, mesh-based model of planet Earth. Lo Poly World is a truly unique solution, powered by Unreal Engine.


Lo Poly World - Quick Start

The Lo Poly World Map shows you what terrain we already have available.

Can't see a Tile covering an area you're after? If you'd like to purchase one, LPW's Tiles come with a processing cost of £1.25 but are ready to view in Oasis 3D in minutes!

Already picked a Tile? While you wait for us to process it (see your Tile's status on our Tracking Page), why not download Oasis 3D?

Download Oasis 3D

Getting Started with Oasis 3D

Oasis 3D is the dhp11-developed application through which you'll be able to view your Tiles. To be able to access your content, you'll need to download and install it. If you've done that already - thanks! If not, there's a handy pink button just below this section. Go ahead!

The above button will download Oasis 3D's installer - if you have any trouble installing Oasis, please reach out to us! You can find our details on the Contact Us Page.

Once it's installed, boot it up, and download any patch you might be missing from the Core install. Once you're at the login screen, if you don't already have an account, feel free to log in as our Oasis guest. Use username Guest, and password Password - memorable, we know.

Select 'Tile' editing mode (seen in the adjacent image), and press 'Next' - on the next screen, input the Tile ID of any Lo Poly World Tile you've purchased, download any content you might be missing, and you're away!

'Tile' editing mode will allow you to place Point Features, such as traffic lights, waste bins, postboxes, and so on, to flesh out and add texture to your Tile. You can also add missing Buildings, or improve those that already exist - the world is your oyster!

If you've gotten this far, thank you eternally for supporting Lo Poly World - we wouldn't be here without you, and support from our customers benefits everyone. Every purchase and donation helps keep us up and running, and developing new, innovative workflows to create better, more exciting models. Thank you!

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